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Why are you here?


If you think you have a mold problem, find a category below that fits your situation.


Buying a home

Make sure you are not purchasing a mold problem! You could be faced with significant expense cleaning up a mold problem that was not discovered during the time of purchase. An unknown mold problem could exist. Mold inspection and mold testing will provide the actual conditions.


Selling a home

Make sure you are not selling a mold problem. "Ignorance is bliss" as they say, but lack of knowledge does not relieve liability and potential for lawsuits. Know what you sell! California is a FULL DISCLOSURE state, sellers are liable to disclose all facts about the property they sell. Many wise sellers have their own mold inspection and mold testing done to avoid surprises and minimize future liability.


Real estate agent
Most professional agents and brokers are keenly aware of the mold issue and how to handle it. However, it is recommended that agents and brokers encourage, as opposed to discourage.  Mold inspection and mold testing should be considered on any occasion where moisture or water problems have occurred.


Property Manager or a Landlord 
Protect your interests and your client's interests by showing due diligence regarding mold in your tenant occupied property. Lawyers are aggressively encouraging tenants to seek legal actions for negligence against landlords regarding mold issues, of which, many times are frivolous. Landlords are mandated by law to provide a healthy indoor environment. Many proactive landlords are now having annual water intrusion inspections, mold inspections and mold testing to ensure against frivolous, as well as legitimate lawsuits. 


Are you a tenant

Do you have a mold problem that is not your fault? If so, let your landlord or property manager know immediately, preferably in writing. Notify your landlord regardless of whether it is your fault or not, to prevent further damage and contamination. Give them the opportunity to properly investigate and correct the problem before taking matters into your own hands.